Higher Brain Living

(HBL) is one of a kind technique, developed by Dr. Michael Cotton, which frees the fear-based lower brain and increases energy and metabolism in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. This facilitates a release of stress, diminish anxiety and depression, and increases the experiences of joy, confidence, motivation, and purpose.

​The Higher Brain Living® (HBL) Technique is a revolutionary gentle-touch process. During an HBL session, a Registered Higher Brain Living Facilitator activates specific points in your body in a specific sequence with specific timing, creating a surge of energy from your primal fear-based lower brain into your pre-frontal cortex, the seat of the higher brain, where your potential lives. It is a consistent, repeatable, transformational process.

More than that, the HBL system connects you to your potential; your purpose – and helps guide you forward into a fearlessly authentic life.

Reiki Treatment


  • Energize and unlocking the potential of the higher brain

  • Release stress

  • Increase rejuvenation 

  • Generates a state of well-being

  • Increase effectiveness of other productive practices (prepare your body to metabolize effectively)


"If not now, when?
If not here, where?
If not you, who?

Higher Brain Living 

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