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Yomassage is offered in small group settings, individual or for couples. Certified Yomassage Therapist (CYT) will walk participants through a series of comfortable and supported positions. While participants relax in those positions, CYT will guide the class through breathwork and mindfulness exercises as the CYT walks around and massages participants in each position. By the end of the class, each participant receives a full body massage, and reaches a state of ultimate relaxation. Suitable for all levels. No experience required. No need to bring anything to class, as everything is provided.

The “Yo” in Yomassage is based on the principles of yoga: focus on the breath (pranayama) and the yogic philosophy of looking within. The combination of touch, gentle stretch, and mindfulness provide an avenue for relaxation and healing.

Reiki Treatment

The experience:

Indulge in a transformative experience that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. Each Yomassage session begins with a five minute deep breathing ritual, or a unique themed meditation that helps ground you in the present moment. You’ll let your concerns float away as you’re guided through a series of six restorative stretches while a Yomassage therapist provides therapeutic massage and guided meditation. Through the session, you’ll move into a place of tranquility and relaxation. As the session comes to a close and you take a look at your lavish surroundings, you’ll feel a true sense of tranquility.